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About the background music. June 4, 2017:  Background music no longer plays and the mini player is gone.  Awaiting a response from site support.  

'Say It To Me Now"  Ryan recorded this in 2009, shortly before his fatal illness.  The lyrics seem to me a final prayer, fitting his situation quite remarkably.

"Searching for Sanity"  For his high school Sr Project, Ryan wanted to compose, sing, and produce a song. He was a total beginner in every aspect of music and recording, and we couldn't imagine he could do it.  His progress and accomplishment amazed us. He is playing bass as well as singing. Dave played lead guitar, Becky added guitar & vocals, and then after the fact, Ry's cousin, Jared, added drums.  The dark lyrics, Ry said, introduce a dilemma that would have been resolved through musical progression.  He never got to complete this project. See:

"I'll Remember You" A Memorial Slideshow set to music written/sung by Ry's mom. (Click "Audio/Video" at left)  


"I testify that we will keep the faith.  Though we will all suffer many wounds and afflictions in this life, we will not surrender.  As the Army of Helaman, we will stay steadfast to the end."

                                                                       Ryan, Seminary Graduation Speech 2004



 Our Ryan graciously concluded his final set on June 4, 2009.  He was our youngest child and only son.  He thoroughly loved life, especially TamaleThursdays, but mostly he loved his beautiful Sara.


Ryan received a life-saving transplant when a sudden illness assaulted his heart at age 5, followed by a second transplant at age 14.  In light of those two immense gifts, and because of the scarcity of organs, he declined a place on the transplant list when his heart began to fail once more.  He believed "it was someone else's turn."


So instead of receiving, in death he gave.  As an organ and tissue donor, he fulfilled his desire to pay forward the Great Gift of Life.  He was 23 years old. 


Ryan grew up in California and after graduating from high school in 2004, he attended college in Utah.  He married his best friend, Sara, in December 2006.  She was the light of his life.  After a sudden heart attack in March of 2009, he fought courageously, hoping to return to their life together.  The two shared an unselfish love that was an inspiration to us all as we watched them devote their whole heart and energy to the other's comfort during the heartache of loss and impending parting.


Ryan's clever wit and off-beat sense of humor brought laughter and eased tension at unexpected moments, even during his suffering.  He won the hearts of his caretakers and impressed us all with his incredible graciousness. His music touched our emotions.  He was a great friend, a kind brother, a beloved uncle, a devoted husband, and always a son to be proud of. 


 Our Good-Bye might not have come so soon were it not for the shortage of donor organs. Every year, hundreds of life-saving organs are buried and wasted.  If you are so inclined, please go to OrganDonor.GOV and sign up to be a donor, and discuss your desires with your family.  We wish you and your loved ones a long and healthy life, but when you are called Home, why not be somebody's hero?

See "Ryan's Biological Legacy"  (blue tab on the menu to the left).