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 Gosh, there are so many and they all involve me laughing and smiling. Dead penguin jokes. Him letting me listen to the Smiths in his car super loud so that I could sing. Adventures in Salt Lake City. ROSS! He introduced me to Arrested Development! We watched the worst movie ever, The Skeleton Key and turned it into an awesome joke. I remember you guys just started dating and you gave me a ride home from hanging out with my now hubby. I always thought that was so sweet of you two. Man, I miss Ryan. He is an amazing friend!

One of my favorite memories with Ryan is that he and I always got a kick out of walking up to random peopl...e and telling them "You put the marshmallow in my pocket" in a pick-up line type of way. Eventually we started carrying random items even up a grapefruit and would pull them out and tell each other that they put the (whatever it was) in our pocket.

We also went up to strangers and called them by the wrong name pretending to know them. For some reason making other people feel awkward or confused always gave Ryan and I such great amusement. We made completely random videos for projects in school, and he'd always have the entire class laughing. I always had a great time whenever I hung out with him.

 Gabby says: I remember that uncle Ryan is very tickly and he has glasses and lots of freckles and he likes to play his guitar.
when I got my drivers license I would take him everywhere with me...the record store, clothes shopping, to vincenzo's and I would always take him to thrifty's for ice cream cones he would press his face up against the glass and ask for tast...ers of almost every flavor before getting bubble gum every single was so cute...i remember him making this barking noise at taylor and taylor would just crack up...they would do it over and over taylor would never stop laughing even after 20 mins of the same noise....psycho face was another classic....ryan would say taylor make psycho face and taylor would bust out this crazy face at the age of was hilarious...i just love my brother. he is so funny and so talented...i love his dry ass sense of humor so much and i love the pyscho killer song he would play on the guitar over and over again....
When Ryan was young, I remember looking for him.....I was calling his name throughout the house and I could faintly hear his small voice. I asked him where he was and he responded, "I'm in the bathroom going poop!" I always knew where to ...look for him after that. :)

I remember times when Ryan would rock out on his guitar. He had so much talent and I loved watching him sing "Psycho Killer".

Ryan has always been so loving and such a tenderheart. To see him play and talk with his nieces and nephews is awesome. He genuinely cares...
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