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 When Ryan and I were small (him smaller than I because we're 4 years apart) we would roam the neighborhood and find ways to trigger our imagination when no one was around. I once took him to a little grove of trees with vines that covered the hill... the sun hit the trees and beams of light flashed around on the vines. I said "Hey Ryan look! It's heaven!" and I actually convinced him it was.
 He named a sandwich after me. :)
I know we have all heard it before but I cant think of Ryan without thinking about the family BBQ. We were all outside eating in front of moms house. Ryan came over to where Jenikah and Chloe were sitting. Chloe says as cute as can be"Jenik...ah this is Uncle Ryan he's kinda weird." makes me laugh every time. I remember once he came over when I was living in the basement apartment we hung out laying on my couch and we all just talked. One of my favorites is I was watching Jesse's adoptiion video were people gave advice. Ryan face was so serious and he says "children are to be seen and not heard" then with that same serious face he walks away. Makes me laugh to think about it:) He is one of a kind.
Katie Ann Frampy-Pants
‎*I remember when before Ryan and Sara were dating and we had that BBQ at his house and Sara went back into his dads house to go to the bathroom, and we made it look like we were making out when she came back out and we really thought it was funn...y. :)
*I remember Sara telling me about how at Ross, Patty's chips or something got stuck in the venting machine and so he decided he was going to just run into it and he ended up breaking the glass and cutting his arm, and afterwords he keep trying to tell every one he was trying to save a baby eagle or something like that.
*I remember being able to talk to him about anything with problems I was having with my family and he always knew how to say the right thing sometimes.
Ha, I thought of another good one. Once I came over when they were caring for his grandmother in her last days. He told the poor lady I was his sister Marilee, and she believed him.
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